Contract Manufacturing

We have the following contract-manufacturing capabilities:

  • Tablets and/or capsules nutraceutical products in bulk, bottles or blister packs.
  • Powder nutraceutical products in bulk or sachet packs.
  • Liquid nutraceutical products in bulk or bottle packs.
  • Spray-drying services for flavours and other botanical ingredients.

E-Juice and Vaping

Our broad range of customers and products for e-liquid and vaping liquid flavours demonstrates our commitment to develop flavours for new industries, and trending innovative products. As a result, we are the ideal partner for both start-ups and established businesses, and can provide full regulatory support.

In the case of this industry we understand that flavour and aroma are equally important. We currently have a range of over 100 fully compliant flavour concentrates, including:

  • All ingredients complies with applicable EU food flavouring legislation (Regulation EC 1334/2008).
  • All flavouring substances are listed in the EU list of flavouring substances as defined by Regulation EU 872/2012.
  • The flavour formulations do not include any substance banned under Article 7of the Tobacco Products Directive.

We are also happy to discuss the supply of CAS numbers.


Unique Specialties


  • Full portfolio of 100 flavours with proven application and impact in e-liquids and vaping liquids.
  • Regulatory compliant flavour concentrates.
  • Exotic and unique flavours for this trending and competitive industry.


Best Selling E-Juice and Vaping Flavours


The flavours used within this industry are highly specific to customer requirements and preferences.

Request a Sample

Quest has more than 5,500 flavours in our library of flavour formulations for a wide variety of applications and industries, including for the food, beverage, health and pharmaceutical industries.

To request a sample from our flavour library, visit the request a sample page here.