Inspired by nature for product development, manufacturing processes, innovation and sourcing raw materials

At Quest we believe that nature is the best example, and we continually look to nature for our inspiration and ideas on product development, manufacturing processes, innovation and for sourcing raw materials.

For our business customers, we offer natural alternatives to conventional and chemical ingredients, including natural flavour extracts and natural active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in the form of botanical extracts.

For our consumers, we offer natural health products that can be used as an alternative to, or in combination with, conventional pharmaceutical products.

Bio-Balance™ Bio-Balance™

The principles we incorporate into all of our holistic nutraceutical formulations take into the account the synergies, interactions and competition that exists between nutrients in nature.

Bio-Absorb™ Bio-Absorb™

The Bio-Absorb active ingredient we use in all our mineral-containing nutraceutical products, mimic the natural way the body absorbs minerals from food and ensure that they are highly absorbed and are gentle on the stomach.

Min Process™ Min Process™

We are a leader in direct compression tablet technology, which excludes the use of solvents, heat and the intensive processing associated with other tableting manufacturing processes.

Biotix™ Biotix™

Our Biotix range and Platinum Excellence™ range of nutraceutical products have been designed to offer consumers with highly effective and scientifically supported health solutions, which can be considered as a natural alternative to conventional drug products.

Natural Agriculture Solutions Natural Agriculture Solutions

We develop unique and natural botanical-based ingredients to enable the agricultural industry to use less antibiotics drugs, less synthetic anti-bacterial compounds and to promote the health and condition of animals naturally.

Natural Flavours Natural Flavours

We offer an extensive range of natural flavours providing an effective alternative to artificial flavours at a commercially viable price.

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