Striving to remain industry-leaders, innovating great products and offering new solutions

Quest continuously strives to introduce innovation to its products and processes, both proactively to remain industry-leaders, and also through acting on the ongoing feedback we collect from the market and directly from our customers and from consumers. This innovation delivers newer and more effective products and health solutions to our consumers.

DR Caps™ DR Caps™

We are one of the first in the world to use delayed release capsule technology for nutraceutical products containing probiotic bacteria and enzymes. This new technology reduces the exposure of probiotics and enzymes to the acidic environment in the stomach and releases them directly into the intestine where they confer a health benefit.

The Biotix™ Range The Biotix™ Range

We are one of the first companies to conceive, develop and launch a full range of probiotic-based nutraceutical products combined with synergistic nutrients designed for specific and targeted health needs.

The Platinum Excellence™ Range The Platinum Excellence™ Range

We are a leader in developing a new niche category called “Nutra-Pharma” with highly effective, scientifically supported natural health solutions, which can be considered as an alternative to, or can be used in combination with pharmaceutical drug products.

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