Delivering impact through science and continuous quality testing

Quest’s products are developed with science at the forefront and are rigorously tested in-house to deliver their impact through effectiveness, safety, reliability and quality. All of our products are developed and supported by a clear scientific platform in which all of our customers can trust.

Our state-of-the art in-house laboratories screen and test all incoming raw materials and outgoing finished ingredients and products to ensure they meet the highest specifications of quality, safety, reliability and shelf life.

Max Power Max Power™

Our nutraceutical products provide the correct potency of the active ingredients based on scientific research. Laboratory analysis and testing of our raw materials and finished products ensures that we guarantee the product contains exactly what is stated on the label.

Bio-Release Bio-Release™

Our nutraceutical product range includes 30 minute quick-release formulas for rapid tissue absorption and 6 hour timed-release formulas for prolonged supplementation, depending on the best active release mechanism for absorption and product efficacy.

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