Mood boosters in your fridge

June 1st, 2017

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Feeling blue? Medicate yourself with these nutritional mood boosters:

If you are leading a busy lifestyle and often feeling tired this can also affect your mood. Magnesium is an excellent mineral to take to help you sleep and increase your energy levels. Include in your diet magnesium rich spinach, pumpkin seeds and almonds or take our Synergistic Magnesium.

B6, B12 and folate are crucial nutrients for a natural daily chemical process called methylation. The outcome of this process is the balancing of the neurotransmitters that are involved in mood regulation. This is why these three nutrients are required for normal psychological function and good mood. Taking our Multi B Complex can help you top up vitamin B levels.

Say no to sweets and G&T. By cutting down on sugar and alcohol you can help to balance out yo-yoing moods as they increase dopamine levels. These neurotransmitters make you feel rewarded and pleasurable but this doesn’t last forever and – once levels fall – you might even feel lower than you did before. When preparing your meals, opt for oily fish at least twice a week. It’s packed with fatty acids that play a vital role in the structure and functioning of the brain.

Looking for a mood boosting breakfast? Go for eggs. They are full of protein that will not only keep you fuller for longer but will also support your mood. Proteins are broken down in the body to make amino acids, which are then used to make neurotransmitters responsible for keeping our mind and mood balanced.

No many people know that zinc is an essential mineral that we all need to stay healthy. Zinc is found everywhere throughout our bodies, in our cells, tissues, and organs and is required for normal cognitive function and body’s response to stress. If you want to top up your zinc levels include in your diet foods such as oysters, spinach, pumpkin seeds and chickpeas.

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